Hungry Heroes


Hungry Heroes serves decent Western food and if you have an Entertainer subscription, you can even get 1-for-1 deals on main meals. The pull-factor is definitely the decor though. It is decked in superhero paraphernalia – posters, life-size figurines, weapons. Part of me was worried that my husband would get some inspiration from the decor and insist on decorating the our new nest in a similar fashion. Thankfully, he said nothing of that sort!

P_20160922_195617.jpgOld School Cheese Burger ($21)

The general feel I have of burgers in SG is that whilst some places may serve big portions, the flavour of the patty can mainly be described as that of salt. The cheese burger here did not depart from that description. It was however nicely complemented by the chipotle mayo spread.

Our friends ordered the Seafood Aglio Olio and Poseidon Fish Burger. Nothing much to say about them, everyone was generally happy with their food.

P_20160922_195445.jpgSeafood Aglio Olio ($22)

P_20160922_195522.jpgP_20160922_195515.jpgPoseidon’s Weakness ($21)

My husband was really happy with the Happy Hour Pint ($10 before 8pm and $13 thereafter). He wanted another after Happy Hour had passed so we chided him a little for not placing his order earlier. The waiter came over with his pint but it was only 3/4 full. He explained that they had run out, so they were going to give him that 3/4 pint for free. What??? Good service, anyhow!

33 Tessensohn Road

Singapore 217656

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