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My best friend, Bubz, and I have been on the hunt for Neapolitan pizza as good as Pizza Pilgrim in Singapore ever since we had some in London. Well, Bubz more than me.

Neapolitan pizza uses simple ingredients such as dough, tomato, basil, mozzarella cheese and some meats. It is then heated in an oven at very high temperatures for a very brief period (90 seconds according to this site). At Pizza Pilgrim, the result is a mouth-watering pizza with a gooey middle, bursting with fresh flavours. I can’t wait to return in December and write a proper post.


Motorino’s menu coupled with the wood fire oven looked promising. The three of us opted to share 2 pizzas and 2 appetizers. We were the only customers that day which meant we had an extremely attentive waitress, but that also left us with questions. Where did everyone else go on Saturday nights? Was Clarke Quay no longer a hip place to hang out? We felt pretty old and uncool.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-00-23-12-3Cauliflower and brocolli ($9)

First to arrive, vegetables roasted with garlic oreganata butter and pecorino cheese. The garlic hits you the moment you put the vege in your mouth. Overall, clean tasting, a good light dish to start with before the heavier cheese-based pizzas.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-00-23-12-9Roasted Chicken Wing ($13)

Chicken wings roasted with red onion, mint, lemon and chili flake. I would have preferred to try this without the lemon, but my friend had squeezed the lemon all over it by the time I wanted to take a bite. After the lemon, the mint and chilly flakes did not come across. There was nonetheless a nice sweet and sour tang due to the crunchy red onions and lemon.

whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-00-23-12Brussels Sprout & Bacon ($25)

The brussels sprout pizza arrived first. My first thought was that it looked promising and there was a good amount of toppings. Due to the short time in the oven, the bacon on Neapolitan pizzas are usually not the fried, shriveled sort that glistens with bacon fat. It was a pretty good pizza but a little too light tasting for me. I prefer my pizzas to have tons of cheese and strong meat flavours (such as that of the spicy nduja sausage).

whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-00-23-12-1Cremini Mushroom & Sausage ($25)

The mushroom and sausage pizza arrived next. Parts of the crust were burnt and we had to scrape them off. The rest of it reminded me of a vegetarian pizza. The springy mushrooms, thyme and garlic worked very well together, but where was the sausage?


A closer inspection showed bits of sausage on the pizza but it was overpowered by the mushroom and herbs. Even after I knew the sausage was there, I couldn’t taste it.

Overall, the food was certainly better than what you would get with a takeaway pizza. It still wasn’t anywhere close to Pizza Pilgrim.

3A River Valley Road
Unit 01-01A, Merchants Court
Clarke Quay
179020 Singapore
11.30am-11pm daily; open till midnight from Friday – Sunday.

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