Lawry’s The Prime Rib

A sudden craving for steak led us to Lawry’s. I’ve heard about Lawry’s for a while but never went in because it seemed expensive. I haven’t received a windfall, but with the American Express Platinum Card, you get 50% off your weekday meal as long as you order two ala carte dishes. Our meal cost us only $90.


Lawry’s was feeling festive! Spotted Christmas wreaths.


Whilst waiting for our meal, we were served crusty bread and butter. Loved the warm bread but both of us agreed that we would have preferred salted butter.


Our salad arrived first. A server wheeled a trolley over with a salad bowl placed in a glass bowl filled with ice. She spun the bowl, poured the vintage dressing teh-tarik style, and tossed the salad. The spinning had no impact on the taste, but it was fascinating to watch.

Since almost every table ordered steak, she returned to our section of the restaurant multiple times. Most turned to watch her toss the salad, some took pictures, but some just turned their backs and looked in the opposite direction the entire time. What’s up with that? I was reminded of how some diners ignore the noodle pullers at Hai Di Lao and felt sad for the servers.





Original Spinning Bowl Salad – a blend of crisp Romaine, baby Spinach, shredded Beets, chopped eggs and croutons, tossed with Vintage dressing 

The salad was refreshing but not outstanding. We added some Lawry’s seasoned pepper as recommended, and added more when we couldn’t taste a difference. Eventually, I tasted the piquancy of the pepper, but it didn’t add other flavour. I think the salad was perfectly fine without it. Out of curiosity, I checked it out on Amazon and their seasoned pepper has received lots of good reviews. Did we not add enough?


Our main course arrived in one of Lawry’s signature silver carts. Prior to this, I did not know that you could have an entire slab of meat cooked to different degrees of doneness. When I was asked how I wanted my meat done, I couldn’t understand why she would ask me that question when it was already prepared so I was so certain I heard her wrongly.

The beef was carved at our tableside and served with mashed potatoes. The yorkshire pudding arrived later on a separate skillet.





I had the California Cut -160g of meat with gravy. The meat was very tender but a little bland on its own. Lawry’s Seasoned Salt was there to solve that. Besides the salt, there was also whipped cream horseradish and normal horseradish sauce, the former being a milder version.

The mashed potato was a delightful creamy mix with the occasional chunks of potato, none of that powder-mix nonsense. Really good!


Fluffy and golden brown yorkshire pudding

Almost everyone I know loves having their yorkshire pudding soak up the gravy. I prefer mine plain and free from any gravy. After I’d taken pictures, I promptly placed my pudding on another plate.


Creamed spinach – seasoned with spices, bacon and onion.

Creamed spinach was a must-order when I saw it on the menu. However, one bite and I knew I was going to regret my decision. It was rich, creamy, with a strong bacon flavour. Far too rich given the meal we were already having. Also, the steak and mash were enough to fill us up. This dish was left mainly untouched.

Overall, a satisfying meal in a relaxing environment. The next time I come back, I’ll remember not to overestimate my appetite and skip the creamed spinach.

333A Orchard Road
#04-01/31 Mandarin Gallery
238897 Singapore

Lunch (Daily): 11.30am – 2.30pm

Dinner: 5.00 – 11.00pm

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