I Want My Noodle

We went out, hoping to get some Thai food at Orchard Towers but unfortunately, one restaurant had moved away and another wasn’t open on Sundays. Oh well. We went to I Want My Noodle instead, a restaurant tucked away in Shaw Centre. I usually just take the escalator up to the cinema on the top floor and have probably only walked in once, and that was for the uninteresting task of purchasing chopping boards from Isetan.



My Lor Bah Noodle ($12.90) 

I Want My Noodle prepares their own egg noodles every day using fresh eggs. Tastewise, they weren’t significantly better than normal, but the texture was good. The noodles were springy and cooked al dente. My noodles came with a big portion of pork belly, mushrooms, an onsen egg, bok choy and a cracker. I love eggs so the onsen egg was a nice touch, in my opinion. The pork belly was well seasoned and the portion provided was just nice – I don’t think I would have wanted anymore because I was satiated by the rich fat.   


My Chicken Noodle ($7.90)

 Similar to my pork belly noodle, but with chicken, which possibly makes this a healthier option.



Twenty Dollar Fried Duck ($12.90)

Fried duck leg marinated with warm spices and deep fried to create a crispy skin. The duck easily fell off the bone, like a duck confit. On the plate, there’s also fried tofu with vegetable stuffing and fresh sambal that resembled a yummy mixture of chicken rice ginger and chilli. I think this was the most impressive of the three noodles we ordered and I would probably order this for myself next time.


Bok Chou with Oyster Sauce ($5.90)

Our friend pre-empted us that we would get exactly one bok choy per bowl of noodles, so we ordered extra bak choy. We ended up struggling to finish this.


Homemade Meatballs Soup ($7.90)

Ah, this was good. The savoury meatballs certainly tasted homemade and not like the processed ones that come with a plastic outer layer. The broth had a very mild taste of ginger, just enough to be noticed but not enough to overwhelm.


For drinks, I had the fresh lime juice. It took a long time to arrive but when it did, it was worth the wait. A refreshing mixture of fresh lime juice with some sorbet, it reminded me of the lime-flavoured ice creams I had in primary school.

Overall, a pretty satisfying meal. Another dish that caught my eye was the truffle oil noodle with mushrooms. Maybe next time!


1 Scotts Road, #03-14/15

Open daily 11.00am to 10.00pm (9.00pm Last Order)

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