Kaiserhaus, tucked in Capitol Piazza, serves food from the former Habsburg Empire which at the end of the 19th century extended over Austria, Hungary, Northern Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and parts of Poland, Serbia, Romania and the Ukraine.

I normally have no reason to visit Capitol Piazza because the retail outlets do not look wallet-friendly and the restaurants are chains that can be found elsewhere. Today, however, Bubz and I shortlisted this from a list of restaurants on the Entertainer app because we never had never tried such cuisine. With the Entertainer, you can get 1-for-1 main courses.





A less modern, but very nice, restaurant design. We were transported back in time and it was a good break away from current minimalist decor. 

Bohemian meat dumplings ($27)

I ordered potato dumplings filled with smoked pork, caramelised onions and herbs. The pork filling on its own was very salty but the potato dumpling skin helped to tone it down.  I didn’t particularly like the gabelkraut (a sweeter and thus less sour version of sauerkraut) but I could see how the salty and sour flavours were meant to complement each other – like sausage and sauerkraut.

Each potato dumpling looks a manageable size but after the first one, I was stuffed. The dumplings were heavy and very filling.

 Viennese Wiener Schnitzel from Pork ($29)

The Wiener Schnitzel is traditionally a veal cutlet pounded thin, breaded and pan-fried. This was the pork version served with potato salad, mache, lemon and cranberry ragout. The cutlet had a light, dry, slightly crispy later of batter – characteristics of good wiener schnitzels. The meat itself was tender and juicy. I preferred this to my dumplings but a few bites in and I found myself, once again, satiated. There’s only so much cutlet one can have.

The potato salad was refreshingly different from the ones I’m used to. Viennese potato salad is made using vinegar instead of dollops of mayonnaise and and I think there might have been some mustard in this version as well. It was garnished with mache, a European salad with a sweet taste. However, I was full of potato by this point and could not eat much more.

The food here is an acquired taste. We didn’t enjoy ourselves but when I described the food to my husband, he thought it sounded lovely and was excited to try it for himself. I suppose I’m not used to these sort of flavours.

Kaiserhaus also has a selection of cakes and pastries available. If interested, there is a high tea set on offer. For $38, you would get to share a slice of cake, a Kipferl (a crescent shaped puff pastry with marzipan crumbles), a Nut Swirl, four organic rye bread sandwiches,  and have a choice of coffee or tea each. That is actually quite expensive, in my opinion. According to past reviews, this high tea set used to cost $28 just last year. Printing error or severe inflation?

We took a quick look around and found that others had not finished their dessert. That was a signal to bring our cravings elsewhere.


Capitol Singapore, 17 Stamford Road, #02-06 and #03-06, Singapore 178907
Contact No.: +65 6377 0013
Email Address: reservations@kaiserhaus.com.sg

Sunday to Thursday: 10.30AM – 11PM
Friday and Saturday: 10.30AM – 12AM


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