Little Diner

After my yoga class, I wanted a comfortable environment to read and grab a bite. Little Diner was a few shops away, 5 minutes away from Sixth Avenue MRT station. It wasn’t crowded when I went in but almost every table had a name on it, presumably indicating that it was reserved.

Ultimate Braised Pork Belly Burger ($18.50)

The second thing I did (first was to snap pictures) was to deconstruct the burger and try the pork belly on its own. A warm, tender, fatty chunk of belly soaked in soy melted in my mouth and I was stupefied. The pork belly burger was so good, I wished they were more generous with the portion size.  Come to think of it, perhaps I shouldn’t have refrained from ordering a second burger. But then again, what would I do with the fries?

The handcut fries were a foil to the burger. Good handcut fries should be crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and taste of sublty sweet potato seasoned with salt. In this case, the fries were limp and there was very little flavour other than salt. They were also slightly burnt and made my throat dry.

Affogato ($6)

Torn between wanting dessert and wanting coffee, I went for the affogato. I was filled with dread when it arrived and I saw the dollop of cream on top. I do not like cream at all. My mind raced with thoughts of whether they had completely replaced vanilla ice cream with cream. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case! The scoop of vanilla ice cream was still in the espresso as it should be, and the initially terrifying dollop turned out to be much smaller than expected. In fact, I ended up really enjoying the combination.

Overall, I was happy with my meal. This might just be one of my regular go-to places after yoga!

789 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269763

Closed on Mondays
Lunch <Tues – Fri>: 1130 – 1530
Brunch <Sat – Sun>: 1100 – 1530
Dinner <Tues – Thurs and Sun>: 1800 – 2200
<Fri – Sat>: 1800 – 2230


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