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And.. I’m back! It’s been a very long time since I last posted, and I am rather ashamed of that.. but hopefully I will have the discipline to sit down and publish posts like I did. I’m heartened that the blog stats show that readers have not completely abandoned my blog – thank you!

Since my last post, my husband (P) relocated to Singapore so he’ll start appearing more often in my posts 🙂 So anyway, many weeks ago, P and I visited Salted & Hung, located along Purvis Street. We tried walking over from Suntec City but our GPSes decided that it would be good to malfunction at the same time and thus, we ended up outside in the sun for very long. On another occasion, we walked past Purvis Street when coming from Raffles City and that was significantly easier. If you’re not very good at directions, please save yourself the trouble and walk over from Raffles City instead.

The design of the space is rather industrial with cement walls. Nothing to shout about on its own, but it is decorated with cute wallpapers of livestock. One of the walls contained an Animal Farm quote which I really liked, but since  we didn’t get a very good picture of it, here’s how it looks like (taken from Salted & Hung’s website):

Hamachi Collar – lard, bonito and french beans ($32)

After reading the description, I looked forward to a mouthwatering dish. I had never tried fish collar before and based on my research prior to this visit, it’s the best part of the fish! (You can read more here.) The collar was fleshy, tender, juicy and well-seasoned; I would have been happy to have it on its own. I expected the lard to be warm and to melt in my mouth. In actual fact, the layer of lard looked and tasted like a flat noodle (kuay teow). It didn’t enhance the hamachi. I also didn’t particularly like the accompanying sauce which was sour and distracting.  I should also say that the collar on its own is really not enough for a main course.

Kale tart – nori, cheese, nuts and burnt butter ($16)

Thankfully I had also ordered the kale tart. One the menu, it is simply called kale, so I was expecting some sort of salad. The kale reminded me of a quiche that had hardened slightly. I liked the mix of kale and cheese, and the fact that the nuts didn’t overwhelm the dish.

Wagyu Ribeye – XO butter and garlic shoots ($68)

P’s wagyu ribeye arrived… when I was almost done with my collar. It looked amazing but I only took a tiny piece because I could tell he was hungry and annoyed by that point. P thinks the beef was good but it wasn’t the best he’d ever tasted. Also, tiny portions again.

Black Mash – squid ink and charcoal ($12)

When I saw it arrive in a little flower pot, I was amused and half expected it to taste like soil, even though I also knew that that wasn’t going to be the case. The mash was very rich and buttery. I liked the first few spoonfuls but had to stop because it was satiating.However decent the steak and mash were, we couldn’t get past the fact that it arrived so much later than my mains. It also took a long time to catch someone’s attention and get the bill – something I cannot understand given how empty the place was at that time. With my Amex card, we got 50% off the whole bill so that sort of made up for the experience.

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12 Purvis Street, 188591


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