Sushiro at Thomson Plaza

When I was invited to go to Sushiro for lunch, I initially hesitated because all the reviews I found raved about their chirashi dons, which I do not eat. Also, people talked about the snaking queues that I did not want to be part of as well. Eventually, I relented after finding out that they don’t just specialise in chirashi dons. Since I can take some time off now, why not join the queues?

One of my friends arrived earlier at 11.30 to be second in line in the queue. When we arrived ten minutes later, there were at least 20 other people in the queue. The queue starts a few doors down to free up the narrow walkway in front of the restaurant. Whilst we waited eagerly, another queue formed right outside the restaurant and we started to panic. Were we in the wrong place?? Had we wasted our time?? Thankfully, one of the waitresses came out to inform those standing right outside that the queue was actually where we had been standing all along. They took one look at the length of the queue and decided to eat elsewhere.

We were seated soon after the restaurant opened at 11.45. I didn’t think I would ever brave the queue again so I ordered a few dishes to try. I don’t have much to say about the food itself because I think everything was average.

Unagi don ($15.80)

Sake belly aburi sushi ($5.80 for 2 pieces), Tamago mentai sushi ($3.80 for 2 pieces)

I know we’re not supposed to douse sushi in wasabi and soy sauce but that was necessary to make the sushi less bland.

Premium Bara Chirashi Don ($24.80)

This apparently-impressive don makes you expect a mountain of fresh seafood, but there’s actually a mountain of rice with seafood lining the top. My dining companions commented that there was far too much rice (a sentiment I echoed for my unagi don) unlike the non-premium version which had a more manageable seafood to rice ratio.

I wouldn’t say I was unhappy or disappointed because the food was decently priced (and I didn’t actually wait for too long) but it didn’t leave an impression. If someone else is willing to queue, I might return.

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