Pre-natal massages

I love massages. If I could have one every week, I would. The problem is, they’re rather expensive in Singapore and in that oiled-up state post-massage,  it’s quite a hassle to travel home or meet up with anyone.

With encouragement from P, I decided to go for prenatal massages in Sg and not worry too much about costs. I foresee myself going for a few more massages, so here’s a review of the ones I’ve been to to help you in your search.

1) Nature’s Spa by Jurlique, Wheelock Place, $140/hour
#04-02 Wheelock Place

I found this via Vaniday. More than what I would like to pay for a massage, but I had a $15 discount and Vaniday offers 10% cashback for every booking so I decided to give it a try. The spa is nicely decorated, as you would expect from one located in Wheelock Place. Before the session, my masseuse checked that I didn’t have any existing health conditions and explained that she would be using a plain base oil for prenatal massages. Fine by me! There’s a list of essential oils that should be avoided and frankly, I can’t remember them all. I have to google every single time I go for a massage so its fresh in my mind. Plain base oils are largely considered safe for pregnant ladies.

I was very impressed by the props in the room. There was a heated massage bed that was extremely comforting to lie on, pillows for me to prop up my legs, and even a rolled up towel for me to hug. I thought that was excessive at the start but I hugging something during the massage made it a much more pleasant experience. I felt like a baby sleeping snugly.

Props aside, the massage itself was mediocre. The masseuse used enough force but the technique and strokes were more of simple rubs. I don’t blame her –  I think that must be a spa-wide technique that all their masseurs have to use. I didn’t feel relaxed at the end of the session so I won’t be returning. Some good came out of the session though – I was inspired to book my next massage very soon after!

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2) Babies Bellies, Square 2, $60/hr
10 Sinaran Dr, 04-39 to 44, Singapore 307506

I’d heard of Babies Bellies for a while now because of the mummies chat group that I’m in. It’s one of the places I’m considering for my post-natal massage so I thought I would go and give it a try first.

Each massage room is small and basic (a hanger for you to hang your clothes on the wall, a stool for the masseuse, a massage bed). It didn’t even have a bin so after my massage, I didn’t know what to do with the disposable panties. Was I supposed to bring them out? That would have been awkward too.  Notwithstanding the room, I was given enough pillows to prop my legs up and hug so I felt comfortable on the massage bed.

Before the session, the masseuse asked me which areas I wanted to focus on. I wasn’t in any particular pain at that moment but I told her to focus on my back since that tends to get sore at night. The massage started off with light pressure and she progressively used more strength to knead the knots in my shoulders and back. I was so relaxed throughout that I found myself tensing up towards the end because I didn’t want it to be over.  Overall, a very worthwhile place to consider for future massages. The 90-minute session costs $90.

3) Beauty & Mums, Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital, $150/hr
38 Irrawaddy Road, – #01-07, Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital

It was hard to find info on this establishment. My Google searches always led me to a similar sounding outlet in Paragon so I half expected this place to have closed down.

At Beauty & Mum’s, the massage will be based on areas that you want to focus on. I told the masseuse my back gets sore some times and there’s slight water retention in my legs so the whole hour was spent on my back and legs. It was a great massage! The oil used surprisingly did not leave any oily residue. I was told that it’s an aqua oil (?) which becomes a moisturiser when you shower. I didn’t find it extra moisturising but it certainly washed off easily.

The only bit I didn’t enjoy too much was dealing with the receptionist. When I arrived, I was made to sign a health declaration form as usual, but part of that form also required the customer to declare that they had been briefed on the benefits and risks of going for a massage. I didn’t want to sign it until she actually attempted to explain it to me. She tried, but it wasn’t very effective because she didn’t speak English very well. I did learn that there are certain “labour points” to be avoided during a prenatal massage – the mid-lower back and the ankles. After the massage, I was brought into a room where she tried to sell me a package which would have brought down the price per session quite substantially. I didn’t feel like paying a large sum upfront though. Thankfully, she wasn’t too pushy (or maybe I was very good at playing dumb and so she didn’t bother?).

I used my Nestle club voucher so I got 1 hour of massage for $39+7% GST. Very happy with the massage but I don’t think I can bring myself to fork out $150 for another session.

4) Beauty Mums and Babies, $159/hr ($38/hr with voucher)
Paragon, #14-11

This place is nestled between private clinics so when I went on a Sunday afternoon, the entire floor was deserted. As I walked down the carpeted walkway, I wondered if I was in the right place. Upon reaching, I filled in a registration form as usual and was given some red date tea to drink. Since I was still early, I asked to take a look at a brochure for post-natal massages to kill time.

About five minutes later, I was brought into a room to get ready. I have to say that I wasn’t expecting much because I’d heard from a few others in my EDD chat group that the masseuse was too gentle for their liking. I wasn’t sure if it was worth the trip but I didn’t want my voucher to go to waste.

I’m happy to say that I enjoyed the massage thoroughly! The masseuse used just the right amount of pressure and helped to relieve the stress on my back and legs. I have absolutely no complaints about the entire experience.


5) Mother and Child Wellness, $138/hr ($48/hr with Fave voucher)


Having tried a few different places, I’d say that most of my prenatal massage experiences were good.

The least satisfactory massage I had turned out to be the one I paid the most for. It could still be considered a good experience in some way – the lavish setting and courteous staff would make anyone feel pampered. Nonetheless, it certainly reinforces the need to look out for good deals and have an open mind! Importantly, the establishment should be clean and the masseuse must know what they’re doing.

My gynae dismissed the notion of “labour points” and merely told me to ensure that the masseuse does not touch my belly. So to be safe when going for pre-natal massages, make sure that:

  1. Your masseuse uses plain oil / olive oil. There are some fragrances and herbs that are deemed safe for pregnancy, but I find it difficult to remember with baby brain so why take the risk?
  2. Your masseuse doesn’t rub your belly. With the aches being concentrated on our back and legs, you’ll have an excellent time just having those massaged.
  3. You do not lie on your back for long durations. It’s fine to lie on your back for a few minutes at the end while she massages your forehead but you can’t be spending half of the massage like that.


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