Summer Palace at Regent Hotel

P and I gave ourselves a treat over the National Day holiday since its been a while since we went on a proper date, and also because it might be a while before we have another. 34 weeks and 5 days now!

In the days leading up to our visit, we battled a dilemma: tasting menu or dimsum? Both options were very tempting. The fun with dimsum is that you can order the same dish (e.g. siu mai) in various restaurants and really taste the difference due to the type and freshness of ingredients used. We opted for dimsum in the end and although there were some hits and misses, we weren’t disappointed overall.

By default, each dish comes with three pieces but you can request for only two pieces.

First to arrive were the Barbecued Pork Buns with Pine Nuts ($5), which I lost the picture of. It was served pretty much room-temperature, strangely. I would have preferred a warmer bun with a more crusty top.

Double-boiled Assorted Seafood Soup Served in Golden Pumpkin ($28)

Why scrimp whilst on a nice lunch? That’s how I justified paying $28 for a portion of soup. One portion is actually big enough to be shared by two people if you want to avoid being too full to enjoy the rest of meal. The soup was delightfully light and came with generous servings of scallops, crab, and prawns. P and I enjoyed scraping sweet pumpkin off the sides and having it with our soup.

Deep-fried Yam Puffs with Shredded Duck and Preserved Vegetables ($7)

Didn’t particularly enjoy this one, though I liked the presentation. I often think that I will enjoy deep-fried yam puffs because I used to have really good ones back in KL, but I haven’t found anything in Singapore that tastes remotely similar. I would have preferred if the duck was sweeter.

Deep-fried Vegetable Spring Rolls with Black Truffle Sauce ($8)

These innocuous looking spring rolls really impressed P. Crispy spring rolls served with truffle sauce that was distinct without being overpowering.

Lobster Dumplings ($9)

Each dumpling had its own lil basket to live in – how cute! It was quite hard to bite into this elegantly without the lobster falling off so I stuffed the whole thing in my mouth sushi-style. Delicious.

Pork Dumplings with Baby Abalone ($9)

Springy pork and fresh abalone – really good.

Glutinous Rice and Baby Abalone wrapped in Lotus Leaf ($10 per piece)

This was my favourite. Well-seasoned glutinous rice with a fresh springy baby abalone. P isn’t a huge fan of seafood so we only ordered one piece of this.

Pan-fried Wagyu Beef with Soya Sauce ($68)

This arrived last and by that point, I was stuffed. I tried a piece and liked how tender it was. P wolfed down the rest.

This was definitely one of the better places we’ve been to for dimsum in Singapore and we will be back again. Summer Palace accepts reservations on their own website but you can also make a reservation on Chope to take advantage of their vouchers.

Summer Palace
Regent Hotel, level 3



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